One of our guiding principles is to reduce our ecological footprint constantly and consistently. 

Throughout the Inn

  • Two new efficiency central air units (one upstairs and one downstairs)

  • New efficient furnace

  • LED bulbs in interior and exterior of home

  • Use of green-sealed cleaning products

  • Bathroom and bedroom linens washed only between guest stays (unless guests ask during their stay)

  • Recycle or donate plastics and aluminum

Each Suite

  • Ceiling fan in each bedroom

  • Extra blankets

  • Trash containers

  • All new, efficient water-flow, rain shower heads in each bathroom

  • Friendly reminders how to reduce water consumption

Food and Nature Ecology

  • Buy locally grown

  • Vegetable garden on property

  • Rain garden on property

  • Community walking, sitting garden on property

  • Composts egg shells, coffee grounds, fruits, and vegetables

  • No-kill but repel pests

Future Transportation Partnerships

  • EcoTrans

  • Northfield Bus Lines