Hello, everyone!

Greetings from Phi Phi Islands in Thailand!

I thought I would give an update on my travels if you are interested.

I am finishing up on my third month of travel (halfway, no way!), and each day I have a life-changing experience. From the top of the highest peak in the German Alp to the Indian Ocean to amazing cities to rural areas across the global, I can’t help being sad that I only have three more months of experiences similar to these.


It is difficult to chose experiences and say these are the “best” when there are so many best experiences. Given that, let’s call the experiences below “highlights” instead of best. I am shining a light on meaningful experiences that are at the forefront of my memory at this moment. Let’s go!

Eating Amazing Food

I have had so many exquisite dishes everywhere I have gone. I have to say, tho, Thailand’s food beats all other countries, including Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Croatia, and England. I in fact have not had a bad meal in Thailand where I have been for three weeks! My favorite has been yellow curry with extra tofu! Addictive.

I can honestly say, however, that I have not had a better breakfast than what we serve at Northfield Inn. I am trying but no luck yet. (pathetic plug but true)

Being Adventurous

I am normally not an adventurous kind of guy. My adventure in Minnesota is cleaning the inn’s water fountain in front of the property. That has all changed on this trip. I have climbed the bell tower at the Church of St. Peter just to experience the ringing of the bells as I looked over Munich, paddle boated in the Indian Ocean, visited/climbed Zugspitze which is the highest peak in Germany, visited seven castles and spent the night in two, gasped at Prague during sunrise, watched countless sea and ocean sunsets in over three countries and four islands, swam under waterfalls that are 100 feet in height, and floated on a raft between mountains to listen to the sounds of a trumpet and echo off the mountain walls. There are so many other adventures I have taken. I will write a blog post about those experiences later.

Meeting People

By far, the best experiences have been meeting local people during my stays. I have found that where ever I go, people have a sense of pride and honor for their neighborhood, providence, country, and region of the world. They love to share local food, textiles, drinks, and festivals. Many have opened their doors to their homes and communities to me like I have never experienced before. I have laughed, cried, ate, drank, and played with children of all ages. These people have captured my heart and restored who I am at my core being. I am most grateful and humbled for these experiences above all.

Experiencing the Arts

I have visited some of the most famous museums, concert halls, and theaters in London, Prague, Austria, Munich, and Bangkok on this trip so far. All have been awe-inspiring. My favorite experiences, however, have been the local festivals, markets, small shops, and historical sites. This is where I have experienced cultural at its best. From Oktoberfest in Germany to Loy Krathong on the Phi Phi Islands and everywhere in between, I will never forget these local festivals.

Taking Photos

Those of you who know me know my love for photography. I have been in heaven since September 4 when I started this journey. I believe the best photography tells a story by capturing a significant moment in time. I have taken some mighty good photos the last three months! You can visit my travel photography portfolio to view over a 1000 photos I have taken. Here are a few of my favorites:

Please stay tuned, I will write at least one more post before my trip ends — No!

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Owner of Northfield Inn