As a new chapter at the Northfield Inn begins, I need to thank my friend and "partner" owner Andy Howe for his help and inspiration.  It was Andy's vision that made the Northfield Inn the preeminent Northfield destination it is today.  My goal is to carry on in his footsteps.  In a few days Andy will be leaving the Inn and embarking on a life changing six month trip around the world.  I wish him a wonderful and fulfilling trip!!

I have been encourage by many friends and guests to put together a cookbook.  Frankly, I am not so egotistical that my simple recipes would be interesting enough to comprise an entire book.  But I will add recipes on this blog.  Look for some of my favorites in the coming days and weeks.  Along with the recipes I will try to add some interesting details about local goings on, new venues and just plain old ideas you might find helpful!!